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There are several reasons to choose a hair transplant in Turkey for both men and women. What is your reason for hair transplant in Istanbul Turkey? The low costs, the large treatments or do you have another good reason? If you are considering a hair transplant in Turkey, it is wise to first read carefully about the possibilities in this country. As Santelina, we have many years of experience with hair transplants in Turkey. Thanks to hundreds of satisfied customers, we are seen as one of the best hair transplant clinics in this country. This article explains what exactly you can expect from a hair transplant in Turkey, what you should pay attention to with a hair transplant abroad and what you should take into account.

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    Hair Transplant Procedure

    How should be Hair Transplant Planning?

    Hair loss problems can occur for various reasons. Genetic conditions and environmental factors are major facts of hair loss. Generally, hair loss circumstances are observed in one out of every three(3) males and five(5) females worldwide.

    People oftenly try to solve this problem with different preventive treatments such as shampoo, tablets, lotion, etc., in the first stage of the problem. This situation mostly cause to be unsatisfactory consequences.

    five(5) females worldwide.

    Besides of these, people who experienced hair loss trouble, begin to experience psychological and self-esteem problems as well. Therefore Hair Transplantation is a fast and effective solution of overcome the additional problems. So, appropriate patient profiles are able to regain original hair and require shape in one(1) single session via recent-tech medical devices and trustworthy crew of Cosmedica’s facility.

    Beard, Mustache and Eyebrow Planting

    Who can get planted beard and mustache?

    People with a gap between , beards and whiskers may prefer this operation. The beard and mustache are made only with hair roots taken from the person himself.

    How to make beard and mustache planting?

    Just like hair transplantation, roots are collected from the back of the head, from the donor area, and transferred to the desired region. Estimated results are observed within 6 – 12 months, and these roots adapt to the structure of the transplanted area and a natural appearance occurs.

    Who can get planted Eyebrow?

    Eyebrows are the most important group that makes our mimics . It is an important factor forming the characteristic expression of the person.

    There are many cosmetic products or medicines that are used to reconstruct the loss of eyebrows. However often they do not yield satisfied results.

    At the same time, this operation gives satisfactory results in the group of patients experiencing accidents, trauma, burning and some dermatological problems.

    How to Make the Eyebrow Planting?

    As in hair transplantation, the roots are collected one by one from the back of the head the donor side, and transferred to the desired region. It takes approximately 3 hour and the patient can take a shower after 2 day from the operation. Transplanted eyebrows may grow faster for the first 2 years, but in the later period they adjust to the growth rate of the eyebrows. With well planned operations it is possible to achieve great results.

    Is A Hair Transplant Surgery Painful?

    We will explain the answer to one of the most frequent asked questions to our clinic in this blog post.

    First of all, the main purpose of a hair transplantation is to recover the lost hair and have a better appearance.

    These aesthetic expectations are great motivations for our patients.

    Although hair transplantation -which is a surgical procedure- is applied to the skin, new techniques of the developing technologies help to reduce pain so much.

    Hair transplantation is an application that is more and more popular each day. Therefore, the methods used for hair transplantation also developed rapidly.

    In recent years, the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique used in hair transplantation has become more preferred. Because it is easy to apply and comfortable in a way with minimum pain.

    The use of the FUE technique reduces pain, but is also best practice in the success rate of the results.
    There are no stitching taken place with this method. This is an important factor in the prevention of pain. It should also be remembered that, even it’s rarely seen, in some cases a slight pain is felt when the effect of anesthesia is reduced. However, this problem can be solved with the help of the painkillers recommended by your expert doctor.

    If hair transplantation is performed with FUE technique, pain is not felt in both during the hair transplantation and in social life afterwards. Patients have their new hair with comfort.

    Therefore, people who decide to have hair transplantation are advised to choose the right method which relieves the hesitation for themselves. In this method, the return of patients to their daily life is very fast.

    In addition, the needleless anesthesia technique was performed in Cosmedica Clinic. In this method, a high-tech pressure-operated technique is used instead of needle during anesthesia. In this way, the sensation of pain during anesthesia is reduced by 80% in our patients.

    If you have any further questions regarding the FUE technique, hair transplantation in general and the superior services of the Cosmedica Clinic, you can write to us and also benefit from free private counseling.

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    What is hair transplant?

    What is the Hair Transplantation and How is it done?

    Hair transplant operation is not performed only for a patient group, whose hair is completely shedded or dumped. This operation is also referred to as “hair restoration” as it has been applied to sparse patient profiles.

    The operation is performed with grafts which are resistant to spillage and are located behind the head of the head and between the two ears. The roots in this area are collected by means of micro motors and transferred to the area where the hair loss is.

    The hair roots that are planted in hair transplantation do not fall again.