Eye surgery refers to the surgeries that patient may done to get rid of various eye problems. The eyes can sometimes deteriorate due to hereditary problems and sometimes due to later causes. These disorders include not seeing far, not seeing near, blurred vision, yellow dots, eye flesh, etc.

These diseases can sometimes be cured by methods such as glasses and medication treatment. Or, even if it is not cured, the disorders caused by the disease can be eliminated. However, today, with technological development, there have been various developments related to eye surgery. This allows to solve these kind of problems with highly technological methods. Therefore, people can establish a healthier life by applying eye surgery applications applied to these technological devices. So, what is necessary to pay attention to eye surgery applications?

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Considerations Before and After Eye Surgery

There are some points to be considered after eye surgery. It is possible to explain what needs to be considered before eye surgery in the following way.

  • Before Eye surgery, you should talk to your doctorabout your expectations and fears. Otherwise, very different results may occurfrom your expectations.
  • If you are using glasses before Eye surgery operations,you may need to stop using glasses.
  • If you are using lenses before Eye surgeryoperations, you may need to stop using lenses. For this reason, it is importantto follow the instructions given by your doctor.
  • It is possible to list the ones that need attentionafter eye surgery as follows.
  • Since eye operations are performed with anesthesia,the fluid should not be consumed for 2-3 hours after the operation.
  • For the first 24 hours after eye surgery, you shouldprevent your eyes from coming into contact with water and not rub your eyes.
  • After eye surgery, you should avoid making up untilyour eye is fully healed.

Healing Process after Eye Surgery

After eye surgery, the healing process progresses quite rapidly. After the operation, stinging, redness and pain may occur in the eyes. It is possible to eliminate these pains with a painkiller prescribed by your doctor. You can also speed up the healing process by paying attention to what needs to be taken care of after eye surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is one of the treatment methods used to solve problems in the eyes. With a laser, the corneal layer is reshaped and the eye defect is eliminated. Thus, the problems in the eyes are corrected.

Laser eye surgery, which is one of the most widely used surgery methods in the world, treats visual disorders such as astigmatism, myopia, and hypermetropia. During Laser eye surgery operations, the flap membrane in front of the cornea is removed and the part under the membrane is corrected by laser application.

Does Laser Eye Surgery Completely Eliminate Vision Problems

After Laser eye surgery, which is applied to eliminate various problems in the eye, patients can continue their lives without glasses. The reduction of a vision problem to 0.5 and below is considered a success after laser eye surgery. After laser eye surgery, eye disorders can occur again, albeit rarely. However, after laser eye surgery, it is possible to explain the success rate as 95%. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of laser eye surgery applications.

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Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is one of the preferred surgical operations to solve these problems of people with cataract problems in their eyes. Cataract, which is the colored part of the eye behind the iris of the natural lens to lose transparency and therefore lose the ability of the visual element is expressed as an eye disease. Cataract surgery removes this problem and allows the person to see more healthily. So, how is cataract surgery done?

How Is Cataract Surgery Performed

Cataract surgery, which is a fairly simple operation, takes about 15-20 minutes. First of all, incisions are made in cataract surgery with the help of drugs applied to the eye. The lens with cataracts is then broken down and cleaned. You should not neglect to go to eye control after surgery. Otherwise, the healing of the eye may slow down. Your eye doctor may give you some drops and painkillers that you should use after surgery. Using these drops and medications regularly, it is possible to ensure that the problem in your eyes is healed as soon as possible. After cataract surgery, it is possible to achieve a success rate of 80-90%.