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Lee Essex
Lee Essex
6. March, 2022.
Arrived on feb 28th for 8 dental implants, was picked up immediately from the airport and transported straight to a fantastic hotel. The following morning I met Maria and had my x rays completed, the surgeon came in and explained everything to me in great detail, I had the surgery there and then, all the time being assured and things explained to me. I was given antibiotics , pain killers , nasal antibiotics and vitamin d capsules. Maria took time to look after me and explain everything in great detail, the process took around 3 hours and I was taken back to my hotel. I was taken back to the surgery 2 days later for a check up and given advice on what I should be doing for the next few weeks. I will return in 4 months to finish the process and can’t wait. Every single person I met at dis 212 dental were 100% professional and as helpful as they could be. Maria and my surgeon aykut were brilliant
carthage mcevoy
carthage mcevoy
30. December, 2021.
Hi , I’m just returning from Istanbul having full dental implants done at this clinic, I can not praise them enough, The staff the care and the treatment was 100%, They were so professional and the clinic was top class, They looked after me brilliantly on my two visits out here, The dental work they done was absolutely amazing, if your thinking of having dental work done in Turkey, I definitely recommend this clinic, you won’t go wrong, Kind regards Catch
Muhammad Patel
Muhammad Patel
23. December, 2021.
I took 2 family members from my family after doing lots of research in regards to this company and many others. we choice DIS212 because they were professional and understanding. they put medical needs before making any decisions to start treatment and money wasn't the goal for them, it was provide a high class dental service to us. Gunay and their dentists are super knowledgable and have been helpful since the begin. we still have to go back in a few months to complete their treatment and i will leave another review once full treatment is completed. so far i and my family are very happy with the service and quality of work we have received, and i would to date definatly recommend these guys.
Maket Bus Modelist
Maket Bus Modelist
16. December, 2021.
Osman bey sağolsun çok ilgilendi usta bir hekim. Hastayı hiç stres yapmadan işini yapan gönlü güzel insan.
İrem Kutsal
İrem Kutsal
15. December, 2021.
Dr. Abidin Acar ile 10 ay süren ortodontik tedavim beklediğimin daha mükemmel şekilde tamamlamdı. İlk muayenede güven vermesi, detaylı bilglendirme yapması tereddütsüz tedaviye başlamama neden oldu. Yaşadığım ufak tefek sorunlarda mesajlara en kısa sürede dönüş yaparak desteğini esirgemedi. Kendisine ve ekibine çok teşekkür ediyorum.
14. December, 2021.
Honestly it was a great experience for me from the start to the end. Gunay was very helpful with the information. she was the key factor to do my teeth.she always reply on time when I had questions . she arranged everything, the Hotel transport from and to the airport. I did bridge and crown for my upper teeth and it was wonderful, the doctor and his assistance were very kind and polite.I got my confidence back I definitely recommended . Thank you so much for everything,

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Dental Treatments in Turkey

dental treatment turkey

Implants Dentaires

Les implants dentaires offrent une solution à long terme à vos dents manquantes. Ils sont fixés en permanence sur la mâchoire du patient, offrant un aspect naturel complet.

Contact us for Dental Implants in Turkey.

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Dental Treatment Prices Turkey 2022

Smile Design

Aujourd’hui, vous pouvez personnaliser et planifier le design de votre sourire avec SANTELINA, qui propose un traitement individuel à chacun de ses patients afin d’améliorer la fonction et la structure de votre mastication et de vous donner un aspect esthétique.

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dental treatment turkey

Alignement dentaire

Le redressement cosmétique des dents peut corriger des problèmes d’alignement mineurs avec vos dents de devant pour renforcer votre confiance et votre sourire

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Pourquoi La Greffe De Cheveux Avec Santelina ?

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Hair Transplant in Turkey

Les problèmes de perte de cheveux peuvent survenir pour diverses raisons. Les conditions génétiques et les facteurs environnementaux sont des facteurs majeurs pour la perte de cheveux. La perte de cheveux est observée chez un homme sur trois et une femme sur cinq dans le monde.

Pourquoi devrais-je subir une greffe de cheveux ?

Les gens essaient souvent de résoudre leurs problèmes de perte de cheveux avec différents traitements préventifs tels que des shampooings, des comprimés, des lotions, etc. Les personnes souffrant de perte de cheveux ont souvent recours à des solutions telles que celles-ci pendant les premiers stades de la maladie. Malheureusement, de telles mesures ne fonctionnent pas vraiment.

De plus, les personnes souffrant de chute de cheveux subissent souvent une perte de confiance en soi et de bien-être mental. Obtenir une greffe de cheveux est un moyen rapide et très efficace de mettre fin à de tels problèmes. Les candidats à la greffe de cheveux peuvent résoudre leurs problèmes de perte de cheveux en une seule opération dans les installations de greffe de cheveux de Santelina en Turquie.

La greffe de cheveux est un traitement efficace qui améliorera vos cheveux et leur donnera une apparence pour toujours. Les cliniques de greffe de cheveux turques sont les plus avancées et les plus professionnelles au monde. Ces dernières années, des millions de personnes du monde entier ont choisi la Turquie pour leurs greffes de cheveux.

Dans la métropole historique d’Istanbul, point de rencontre entre l’Europe et l’Asie, Santelina propose des greffes de cheveux de première qualité. Les prix sont imbattables et c’est la meilleure option pour tous ceux qui subissent une perte de cheveux et qui souhaitent être traités dans l’une des meilleures cliniques de greffe de cheveux au monde.

Hair Transplant

Greffe de cheveux | Avant et après


I am extremely happy with the treatment and results and would highly recommend

Dental Implants

After a thorough search flew to Istanbul and met several dentists, however, my last appointment was with Dr Aykut and instantly I felt at ease and decided that I would go with Dr Aykut as he was sincere and very clear and honest about my treatment, being a diabetic and heavy smoker who had neglected his dental hygiene, I was advised that chances were 50% of success. I decided to go ahead on Aug 20 with 6 mini implants on my upper jaw and 4 normal implants on my lower jaw, I gave up smoking and controlled my diabetes and on Jan 21 went to get my crowns etc put, I am extremely happy with the treatment and results and would hight recommend DIS 212 to anyone. Dr Aykut, Melek , Maria and the whole team are amazing.

Chetan NIRANJAN Vyas, UK / 31.01.2021

They look so natural and are very comfortable

Dental Implants

I would like to really thank Dr Aykut and his team for the excellent treatment that I received. He is an exceptional dentist and his dental assistant is very competent and so nice and reassuring. My implants are incredible; they look so natural and are very comfortable. They really feel like true teeth.

Also, Maria is absolutely the best! She organised everything for me from my initial enquiry until the end of my second visit. Not only is she exceptionally professional, but she is also very kind, accommodating and full of superb advice. It is without hesitation that I provide this recommendation for Dis212.

Tarek Aouati, France / 20.09.2020

I am delighted with my new teeth

Dentist Consultation

The clinic was recommended by a friend who was really happy with his treatment. I also found them very professional, approachable and supportive during travel and our stay whilst there. The language was not a problem at all because Maria spoke several languages fluently. She and the others at the clinic made it a positive and a comfortable experience. I am delighted with my new teeth. They feel and look natural and reasonably priced.

Safdar Iqbal, UK / 29.01.2021