Your hairstyle is the most actual jewel that makes you outstanding and memorable, shows your confidence, makes people around you feel special, and helps you rely on a healthy network of people. On the other hand, 40% of men will have noticeable hair loss by the time they reach the age of 35. For women, that age limit is 40, which is not a remarkable difference. Nevertheless, hair loss could be noticeable before you reach that age limit. In fact, you may have noticed that already!

If you suffer from hair loss but want to entertain yourself with the joy of having a precise hairstyle, hair transplant is the most preferred and lasting treatment to have your ideal hairstyle back. However, you need a professional team to get examined and treated. Concerning the professional, honest, and friendly team of Santelina, you are in the right place! We are here for you to change lives with your hairstyle. We will give you our best support to have a stressless and joyful trip!

Hair Transplant | Before and After

What Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a treatment that individuals with dilutes in their hair resort to have more hair. If hair transplantation is not performed in a professional manner, it is possible to encounter serious problems. Another important issue about hair transplantation is that the hair transplantation operation cannot be applied to people who have lost their hair completely. Hair transplantation is performed more intensively behind the head and two ears behind the head, which are resistant to lose. This is because more hair loss is seen in these areas than in other areas. After hair transplantation operation, hair loss does not occur again in the roots.

How Is Hair Transplant Surgery Planned?

The most important point in hair transplantation operation is that a good communication can be established between the patient and the doctor. If the patient expresses his expectations about hair transplantation properly, the hair transplantation operation can be performed successfully. How is hair transplant surgery planned?

  • Thedegree of hair loss should be taken into consideration and planning should bedone in this way.
  • Thenumber of grafts should be determined according to the patient’s needs.
  • Afterthe aesthetic and natural design of the front hairline in people, it should beshared with the patient and presented to the patient.
  • Themost important point at this stage of planning is the best calculation of thenumber of grafts. Hair transplantation can result in failure due to incorrectdetermination of the number of grafts.

The exact solution to hair loss is hair transplant. In brief, the hair transplant is defined as strategic transfer of hair follicles removed from an area called donor area to the empty areas without hair.

Basically, there are two different methods used: FUT (follicular unit transplant) and FUE (follicular unit extraction).

FUT is an old method and not preferred because of its disadvantages.

The currently used method is FUE for a successful hair transplant.

Before describing hair transplant step-by-step, meaning of some terms need to be defined.

Here is the definitions of terms used for hair transplant

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It can be described as the structure in which hair grows. There can be one strand, or 2, 3 or 4 strands within a follicle.

Donor Area

Donor area is called an area where grafts to be transplanted are collected. For hair transplant, the ideal donor area is the part between two ears, back of the head because the hair follicles in this area are genetically coded not to be lost, and when transferred to the bald areas, they maintain such function. It means that transplanted and attached hair follicles continue to grow for a lifetime. In some cases, the donor area of individuals might not have a sufficient intensity. Then, body hairs (hairs on the chest) may be removed.


Platelet Rich Plasma.


Direct Hair Implant.

Front Hairline

A line where hair on the forehead and temporal sides starts. This line may disappear in individuals who loss their hair. It is regenerated by hair transplant. To give a natural look, it is important to match front hairline with natural hairline before he has lost his hair. The facial symmetry and gold standard calculations are used to determine the hairline.


It is the name of hair follicles that are removed from the donor area to be transplanted. For example, 4000 grafts can be transferred during an operation.

First Washing

The bandage is opened on the following day of hair transplant operation. The first washing is performed on the third day. The first washing is performed by the physician/nurse, and a detailed description on how patients should wash their hair for 10 days is explained to them.

Steps for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

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Blood Tests

As prior to any surgery, the patients undergo Hepatitis A-B-C and HIV screening. Unfortunately, hair is not transplanted for patients that are found to be positive in any of these screening.

Removal of Grafts

The grafts are collected one-by-one from the donor area with specific medical devices. At this stage, it is very important that grafts are not damaged. The collected grafts are kept in the specific solutions with PRP.

Determination of Front Hairline

It is determined based on the desire of patient and measurements made by the physician using gold ratio technique, and intended to achieve a natural and beautiful look. It is drawn by a pen and approved by the patient.

Opening Channels

Tiny channels are opened in the area to be transplanted and grafts are placed into these channels. The distance between the channels and their placement are very important. It must be performed by competent hands for a natural and successful outcome.


The whole area to be treated is numbed under the control of an anesthetist, starting from the donor area. A painless anesthesia may also be executed for patients upon their request. The patient is awake throughout the entire operation. However, they do not feel any pain.

Placement of Grafts

The grafts are carefully placed with respect to their orientation and density. As each stage of hair transplant, this stage also requires attention, ability and an aesthetic perspective.

Application of PRP

PRP is injected in order to accelerate healing as well as provide support for healthy growth of implanted grafts.


The donor area is bandaged up. The doctor will tell in detailthe matters to consider after the operation and prescribe the required medication.