Non-surgical refers to the highly successful aesthetic practices applied by people who want to have an aesthetic operation without surgery. Today, people can gain too much weight due to unbalanced eating. Their bodies may droop because they gain and lose weight constantly; they may not be happy with the size of their lips or the size of their breasts. Although various aesthetic operations are performed to correct these dissatisfactions and make people feel better, people may not want to go under the knife. There are a lot of people who avoid surgery because they are afraid of having surgery or because they fear that they will have stitches. Due to the development of the technology developments in this direction, non-surgical aesthetic operation method has occurred. Thanks to this method, people can easily reach the beauty they want without taking any risks. What are the benefits of non-surgical aesthetics compared to the types of surgical aesthetics?

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Benefits of Non-Surgical

  • Non-surgical applications are performed much easier than surgical aesthetic applications.
  • Non-surgical applications give a gradually results to achieve a natural appearance.
  • Non-surgical applications are performed without any incisions or scars on the body.
  • With Non-surgical applications, recovery can occur much faster than other types of aesthetic surgeries.
  • It is possible to return to social life on the same day with Non-surgical applications than the other surgeries.

Who Can get Non-Surgical Applications

Non-surgical applications can be applied to almost everyone. People who are over 18 years. Instead of having surgery, they can get the body they dream by having non-surgical practices. If you are interested and want to apply non-surgical applications, you can take action immediately!


Botox is one of the most reliable ways to remove wrinkles on the face. Due to the progression of age and various problems, sagging and wrinkles may occur on the faces of people. People who want to get rid of these wrinkles resort to aesthetic operations. Botox is much simpler than facelift operations, the person does not feel any pain. He is also quite quick to return to social life.

How Is Botox Made

In Botox applications, botulinum toxin is diluted and then injected into neuromuscular tissue. Before the injection, local anesthesia should be applied to the area. After the application area is cleaned nicely, small doses of injection are done to the muscles in the area with the help of fine-tipped needles. 24 to 72 hours after the operation, which takes an average of 15 minutes, the operation begins to show its effect. However, sometimes 5 or 7 days may be needed to show the effect of the operation. Because Botox is a fairly simple application, people do not need to experience any fear.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers refer to fillers that can be used in various parts of the body. Fillers, which can be used in many parts of the body, help people achieve a much more beautiful appearance by eliminating deformations in the body. So, what problems are dermal fillers used to solve?

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What can be done with Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be used in the following cases.

  • For radial lines around the lip,
  • For lines going down the edge of the nose,
  • For the lines between the nose and mouth,
  • To plump the lip,
  • For wrinkles around the eyes,
  • For the lines on the forehead,
  • For acne scars,
  • To eliminate deformities caused by accidents,
  • To plump cheekbones and cheeks,
  • It is possible to use fillers to correct somenon-asymmetric matters in the body and to reach a much more beautiful face.