Health Tourism

Santelina is an organization specialized in health tourism services. The agency provides various services to ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience for its patients throughout the treatment process. These services include accommodation arrangements, airport transfers, local transportation, and language services.

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dental treatment turkey


Our female lead doctor that is known for her professional motivation mindset. Mrs. Nalan Vardar KOSUN was focused on Aesthetic Dentistry in her own Dental Clinic, being a star member between Turkish Dentists Association, Aesthetic dentistry Academy Association, Kelkedon Dentistry Workshop.

With all the success she accumulated all these years, Mrs. VARDAR always had a passion to help people around the world finding the right place to get treated, offering the best high-quality treatment, with a competitive price.

After many satisfied clients with whom she built a strong social relationship, she Decided to dedicate all her time for people willing to get medical treatment abroad, assist them with her team and get them treated in the worthiest way.

We are expanding our business progressively from now on, starting a medical consulting branch in Istanbul, Turkey and UK, with many further plans for the future.

dental treatment turkey

Msc. Dr. Aykut KOSUN

Known under the nickname: “DOCTOR WITH GOLDEN HANDS”, a talented Dental surgeon that fascinated many patients over the years, mainly with his painless Dental Implant Surgeries and Cosmetic Dentistry. Supporting his Wife’s Dream, while having a passion to expand their business all around the world. Dr Aykut KOSUN is now a Co-Founder of SANTELINA.

Whatever dental treatment you come to us for, you can be reassured that when you’ll have dental surgery in one of our Clinics, care and supervised by Dr. Aykut and his team, who always use the latest, most technologically advanced equipment, to give the most fascinating experience. A 100% satisfaction and a painless treatment deal!