What Is Smile Design?

Smile design includes coating, teeth whitening, bonding, gum operations, tooth length adjustments, and lip shaping. With Smile Design, all the disorders found in teeth, gums, and lips can be eliminated. Many people nowdays, are embarrassed to laugh because they are unsatisfied with their teeth, smile and gums and have no confidence in themselves.

With Smile Design, the smile gets a pleasant appearance. In particular, people who have problems with oral health can make complete oral care with Smile Design. Well, what can be done with Smile Design?

What can be done with the Smile Design?

With the Smile Design; teeth whitening, pink aesthetic, zirconium or porcelain veneer, bonding, orthodontic treatments, lamina porcelain, lip contour, and implant applications can be made. With the smile design, it is possible to sort out which problems in the teeth are eliminated as follows.

  • Problems with teeth’s color
  • Gum disfigurements
  • Disorders between teeth
  • Irregular formation of teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Facial deformations
  • Mismatch of tooth sizes
  • Problems occurring in cracked and broken teeth can be corrected.


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Smile Design Treatment Process

The Smile design treatment process can vary mouth to mouth. The treatment process may be too long or too short. In the first stage of the application of Smile Design, a check upof the person’s mouth is performed. The treatment methods required to achieve a much healthier mouth structure are determined by taking into account the situations in which the person is complaining. If there are orthodontic problems in the teeth or if surgical operation is required, the treatment process can last up to 6 months. Other than that, the Smile Design treatment process is usually completed within a few weeks.