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Two Common Dental Procedures to have Done in Turkey

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Yes! You can have both high-quality dental care at an affordable price!

What other country has placed an efficient and quality healthcare delivery service above anything else the way Turkey has done? From establishing the Social Security Institution that gives medical insurance to residents, covering expenses such as emergencies, workplace accidents and vocational illnesses, childbirth, preventive health services, fertility treatments, infectious diseases, etc. to increasing the quality of health care services rendered by the public sector to the populace and allowing private health institutions to thrive and massively increase in number, just name it! Turkey, particularly offers the best treatments in dental care when compared with many other countries.

We all know how important our teeth are to us, despite the fact that society has made us believe that sweet is the new healthy. We are prompted to consume sugary things in the first instance in the form of ice-creams, candy cones, sugar bars, juices, chocolate, cupcakes and the like. Well, this effect has taken its toll on us, as research has shown, over 3.85 billion people are affected by tooth problems. This is more than half of the earth’s population!

We have to take action against this issue, it’s our health at stake after all and doing our part. First, by practising basic, general dental hygiene techniques such as brushing twice a day, flossing and removing particles from teeth regularly by flossing, avoiding sugary substances as much as we can, avoiding substances that are sensitive to our gums and then, not forgetting our regular trips to the dentist for our checkup and examination (ideally a least every 6 months!). This will go a long way in helping the dentist discover abnormalities and offer solutions on time before things get worse (and more expensive!)  and it is therefore very important that you choose a qualified and competent dentist as they will determine, to a very large extent, the success of any procedure you may need. Turkey is not only blessed with highly qualified dental specialists but has effectively offered the best treatments at very affordable rates, one of the cheapest in Europe in fact and the US, despite the rising costs of health care treatments around the world today. This invariably means that one can get the amazing dental treatment abroad, without squeezing all of his/her life savings! Isn’t that wonderful?

The list can go on and on, but here are two common dental procedures that Turkish medical facilities perform with ease:


Root Canals:

Is your tooth badly decayed or severely infected? Then root canal treatment might just be the answer to your dental woes. For those who do not know, the ‘root canal’ describes the cavity within the center of your tooth. That is, the root canal houses the tooth’s nerves. Although the nerves do not play an active role in the tooth’s functions, especially after the tooth has emerged through the gums, the nerve serves an important sensory function- the sensation of cold or hot. However, the absence or presence of the nerves does not affect the normal functioning of the tooth.

When a tooth’s nerve tissue is damaged, bacteria begins to accumulate within the pulp chamber which can cause infections or an abscessed tooth (a tooth that houses a pus-filled pocket at the end of the roots). This infection can cause bone loss around the root tip, swelling and can be very painful.

Your endodontist should be able to detect whether there are any signs of infection around the surrounding bone. Based on discretion, they may decide to administer local anaesthesia to help you feel more relaxed.

The patient should note that the tooth may become too sensitive due to the inflammation of the natural tissue, but the pain can be controlled by taking the appropriate pain medications such as ibuprofen. This procedure generally has a 95% success rate.



Braces work particularly well for those with crooked teeth or misaligned bites. They help to align and position the teeth properly. Braces can also be used to fix gaps in teeth.

This is why you need to choose your orthodontist properly if you want a job well done. After asking a couple of questions about your health status and taking X-rays, moulds and impressions of your teeth, a suitable treatment plan is formulated. With braces, it is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. It consists of wires, orthodontic bands, spacers, archwires, a buccal tube, tiny elastic rubber band, face bow headgear, springs, ties, etc – all tailored for the individual’s needs and circumstances.

The time needed to correct tooth irregularities differ from person to person and depends on the extent of the problem. Factors to be considered include the health of the teeth, gums and supporting bone, amount of room available (orthodontic spacers are available to correct this), the distance the teeth must follow, etc.

Generally, braces are put on for one to three years and you may need to use a retainer for the first six months or just while sleeping.

Although the mechanical process used to move teeth is the same with age and the benefits are seen on both the old and young alike, the major difference is that the correction of teeth in adults may require more than just braces and may take longer since the adults’ bones/teeth are no longer developing.

You may have to see the orthodontist at least once a month to ensure that the braces are exerting the needed pressure on the teeth. To create more pressure and tension, the doctor will just have to make some adjustments in the springs and rubber bands of the braces. There may be some extreme cases where the braces alone cannot fix it. An external appliance, like headgear, can be worn through the night or in the evening.



As mentioned, the health of our teeth cannot be compromised. Our smiles, to a large extent, defines our physical appearance; therefore it is very important that we take care of them to the best of our ability. So take advantage of the affordable cost, warm and friendly environment, 5-star care, facilities and well-trained staff in Turkey to bring relief to your dental issues.