What Are Veneers?

Veneers are a cover performed on teeth in cases such as cracks, fractures, caries that occur in the teeth. As a result of these situations, the solution to the problem is usually made by coating the teeth for broken teeth or yellowing of teeth, coatings are made for aesthetic purposes. Dental veneers, especially on the front teeth, are expected to have a much more natural appearance to avoid the discomfort that may the patient feel in case if his tooth looks fake.

Coating Types

There are 4 types of coating applied today. It is possible to sort them as follows.

Porcelain Tooth Veneer With Metal Background

In this method, which is one of the oldest coating types used, measurement is taken after etching on the tooth and wax is prepared for metal infrastructure. Ceramic powder liquid mixed paste is applied on metal by rehearsing in the mouth. The most important advantage of these coatings, is that they are cheap but not recommended aesthetically.

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dental treatment turkey

Full Ceramic Empress Dental Veneer

Porcelain can be reinforced with full ceramic empress tooth coatings and single tooth coatings can be coated without the use of metal. Full ceramic empress tooth coatings are likely to break when excessive force is applied.

Porcelain Laminate Dental Veneer

It is the most ideal coating type for an aesthetic appearance. Due to the prices of the materials used, it is more expensive than other dental veneers. The color and shape of the teeth are most closely adjusted to nature. For this reason, it is the most preferred type of dental veneer.

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dental treatment turkey

Porcelain Veneer With Zirconium Infrastructure

The most aesthetically satisfying type of dental veneer is zirconium veneer. The zirconium dental veneer, where natural git and gum appearance is achieved even when reflected in light, also provides a unique harmony with the severed tooth.